Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement Dispatch is available, as well as personal duty trackers for Law Enforcement Officers with SOS button that report to dispatch.

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Taxi Dispatch


Real time vehicle tracking can help you improve customer satisfaction with faster service, reduce the time cars are vacant and minimize unnecessary driving.

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Trucking Dispatch


If you are looking for Fleet needs, our Garmin 670 Fleet devices and Web Platform surpass Federal requirements listed in 395.15 and the devices included EOBR (Electric On-Board recorders) will meet all the new FMCSA requirement's.

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About Us

GPS Tracking the World is a premier GPS tracking company, providing service to corporate, private and law enforcement.

Established in 2014, GPS Tracking the World is a veteran owned and run company.

GPS tracking the World designers and owners have over 60 years of experience in asset and fleet tracking which allows us to provide you a platform and service we always wanted for ourselves.


Simplify Delivery Planning

Increase Profits

Ensure proper vehicle utilization, increase fuel economy, enforce corporate policies.


1Real time GPS tracking helps you respond faster to emergency calls. Valuable time is saved when the right units are dispatched and unnecessary driving is avoided.

2Real time vehicle tracking can help you complete jobs faster, improve customer satisfaction, reduce unnecessary driving and lower vehicle related costs.

3Rental car tracking can increase the life of your vehicle fleet, add value to your customers and help you recover stolen vehicles faster.


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